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Course Name & Duration  Affiliation Seat
Diploma in nursing Science & Midwifery (03 years) Ministry of Health & Family Welfare(MHFW), Bangladesh Nursing Council (BNC). 50
Bachelors of Nursing (4 years) MHFW,BNC & Dhaka University 30
Bachelors of Nursing(2 years, Post Basic ) MHFW,BNC & Dhaka University 20

Nurses; color is white, dress is white, mind is white, quality also white. Everything is white in the nursing profession.

White is the symbol of peace. The white color has the importance in national, international and religion. Nurses are the major point of contact with the patients. They play a crucial role in maintaining the quality of healthcare as well as ensuring technical and management aspects of the hospitals. In Bangladesh, the doctor to nurse ratio is 3:1 whereas the ideal situation should be 1:3.

Nurses won the hearts of the people through their caring profession. Nursing is a caring oriented profession. The nursing profession has become quite popular as a career in recent days in the crowd of many professions.

The demand for nurses has in all countries of world with Bangladesh. In fact it is a job, which is not limited to the specific needs of any embrace. An opportunity to work abroad in this profession and endless opportunities to work in own country.

People are increasing day by day. Hospitals are increasing. Diseases are also increasing day by day. Demand for nurses also growing. Now almost 6 thousand 350 nurses are currently working in Saudi Arabia, Libya, United Kingdom with 13 countries around the world.

A few years ago the opportunity of graduate-level studies on Nursing was not available in our country. But currently the course has introduced at Ten  Basic  B Sc Nursing Colleges under the government (MHFW, BNC & Different University) . Each of these has 100 of seats. The opportunities of complete the four-year graduation course in B Sc-in-Nursing in those colleges under different University .

The curriculum of B Sc-in-Nursing course has been created in accordance with the syllabus of foreign countries. There are also some non-governmental institut


Admission Criteria :

1.Diploma in Nursing Science & Midwifery (03 years)

# Applicants must have minimum 2.50  in SSC and HSC/equivalent in 3.00 in last three years, if anyone wants to be admitted in Diploma in Nursing Science & Midwifery

2.Bachelors of Nursing  (4 years )

# Applicants must have minimum 2.50 separately in SSC and HSC/equivalent in last three years  ( Science background Total GPA 6.00) if anyone wants to be admitted in Bachelors of Nursing  .

3.Post  Basic  B Sc in  Nursing  (2 years )

# Applicants must be completed diploma in Nursing Science & midwifery , if anyone wants to be admitted in Post Basic  B Sc in  Nursing  .

Criteria for all Courses :

# Admission is usually taken on the basis of GPA & Admission Test.

# Students of Humanities and Commerce Group can be admitted although the priorities for Science Group students in Diploma & Post Basic Courses

# Scholarship opportunities have available for poor and meritorious students.

#Candidate must have permanent citizenship of Bangladesh.

# Must be unmarried .

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