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It is an immense pleasure for me in extending a warm welcome to the third batch MBBS students (session 2013-2014) at the MARKS MEDICAL COLLEGE.

We are very proud of having a large number of highly experienced, qualified and committed faculty members in our medical college to ensure excellent teaching and learning environment. The objectives of this medical college are to produce knowledgeable, skilled and compassionate future physicians. The future doctors educated in our college will be able to realize the socio-economic realities of the communities and provide better healthcare services to the people. On behalf of the governing body I congratulate all the students who are admitted in this college. I hope that the medical graduates of this institute will be able to inspire their respective health teams and lead them with dedication.

We have our Motto-3 Cs: Committed, Competent, and Compassionate health workers. It means that, as you have joined MARKS MEDICAL COLLEGE, you should show your commitment to serve others for the rest of your working career. I hope it is a true commitment. Otherwise you will be miserable not only here but the rest of your life. Life as a health worker is very demanding and stressful; dealing with all kinds of diseases and conditions; the sick, suffering, dying and death; every day and at all odd hours and places; from an unborn child to an old person, rich-poor, humble to arrogant people. If you have the interest and commitment, your learning and your work will be enjoyable and you can do well and derive a lot of satisfaction and fulfillment in your life. It is not very late to decide your commitment to this profession. We give you the opportunity to withdraw now without any consequences or you can decide to be committed and work on it.

Develop your sense of compassion. It is not very hard but difficult to teach. A smile, respect, kind words can do more wonders than all the pills and injections.

Lastly, it is very important that you become competent in your work. We can teach you to be competent to a certain extent. A large extent depends solely on you and you alone. So don’t waste your time from day one. Work hard diligently and consistently throughout. Take every opportunity to learn and discover by yourself, from your teachers and friends, from your seniors, from the books and internet, in the classroom, in the library, in the hospital, in the field and in the community. Above all learn from your patients and their families. You won’t realize how much they can teach you until you work and interact with them.

Medical field is the only field where we train our students to face failure and death. They are also trained to face death with compassion, when they are treating terminally ill patients. Preserving the quality of life and maintaining the dignity of death are values which have to be imbibed by the medical graduates realizing that the role of the medical professionals is to cure sometimes, relieve often but comfort always. At this college our mission is to educate future physicians who will care for patients with competence, creativity and compassion, in a setting that fosters collegiality, leadership, and excellence in scholarship and research. Ultimately, we aim to improve human health and alleviate disease at the individual, community and international level. We wish that, all the students should have a constructive attitude and think in terms of solutions, not in terms of problems.

In conclusion, I wish that the graduates of this medical college would be a good human being, good citizen of the country and excellent physicians committed to people’s health. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to everyone who has worked hard and helped us to achieve our objectives in establishing the MARKS MEDICAL COLLEGE.

Begum Farida Masud

Chairman, Governing Body
Chairman and Managing Director





It is my proud privilege to welcome the new batch of M.B.B.S students at the MARKS MEDICAL COLLEGE. The MARKS MEDICAL COLLEGE, as I foresee it, will be a college in a league of its own. I see MARKS MEDICAL COLLEGE embarking on an enlightened path of educating physicians for the 21st century.

Ever since the days when I was a medical student, I felt the necessity of improvements in the medical sector in the country as the Government alone could not adequately face the Medicare requirement since long. Towards this end and with the partnership, blessings and help of my colleagues and some of the icon figures of medical professionals of world class stature, we ventured into establishing quite a few hospitals in Dhaka city in the past. Our ‘dream came true” at its optimum with the establishment of Marks Hospital in the year 2010, which has by now, become a portent in the medical sector in the country. The hospital is staffed with highly competent members of the medical personnel who work with modern amenities that includes 24 hours Emergency services, need-based outpatient departments, Radiology and Imaging, Dialysis unit, Chemotherapy Centre, Intensive care unit, Laparoscopic surgery, facilities of Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Physiotherapy center, SARC cancer centre and 4 modern operation theatres.

We at MARKS MEDICAL COLLEGE endeavor to inculcate modern trends in education which would be a blend of the traditional system of learning, knowledge based practical application and thought provoking interactive sessions. We will expect students to interact freely with their teachers, so that they are able to understand the philosophy of medicine.

Without a good library, computer and internet facilities no institution can achieve high standards of education. We have therefore provided our students the most modern facilities of self learning, the optimal utilization of which will improve their passion and dedication to learn.

MARKS MEDICAL COLLEGE offers, on-campus and off campus learning. We realize that most prospective students are busy people and want the education that will best meet their individual needs. Our students must demonstrate the highest integrity and commitment to learning. We have an outstanding faculty – all leaders in their fields – who recognize that each student has unique learning needs and interests and we work to make our student’s learning experience the best it can be.

At MARKS MEDICAL COLLEGE, we are setting a tradition of excellence and innovation in medical education. We are determined to stay ahead of the times with our newly revised medical curriculum. Most importantly, we want students to be responsible for their own education, which creates habits of lifelong learning and equips them with the tools to access and evaluate new information. The college’s greatest asset is our dedicated faculty which continuously evaluates and improves our curriculum. Its goal is to develop our students into colleagues and I am proud of its teaching abilities.

Our vision is to build on our history of greatness to become a world-class academic medical center.

At this college our mission is to educate future physicians who will care for patients with competence, creativity and compassion, in a setting that fosters collegiality, leadership, and excellence in scholarship and research. Ultimately, we aim to improve human health and alleviate disease at the individual, community and international level.

Medical education is a never-ending, marvelous adventure and I hope our students will share it with us. I thank ALLAH for bringing me such an opportunity in my life.

Dr. Iqbal Masud Khan

MBBS, MS (Surgery)
Deputy Managing Director


Associate Professor and Head Department of surgery





MARKS MEDICAL COLLEGE is one of the most prestigious medical institutes in the country. We have here a brilliant set of dedicated faculty and its supporting staff in different location in our laboratories such as Anatomy dissection hall, Physiology and Biochemistry labs and other areas in the hospital and library. Our staffs are a very well trained and qualified with caring and sharing attitude. They will help our students with full care, responsibility and commitment. Our courses here are designed in such a way that these will provide a strong foundation to our students for developing a successful career in medical science. With the kind of advances in biomedical sciences and technology and its uses in health sciences –both for diagnostics and therapeutics, there is a paradigm shift in the health care sector requiring to provide a quality and standard service in modern medical practice. We have here a very good library, manned by caring and trained staff to help and guide our students and it is also run in a student friendly time schedule.

In this institute, students will also learn about information technology and communication with a view to better learning, delivering patient care service, managing data for research, besides developing skills and attitude for routine patient- doctor communication and delivering services to the people. They will be exposed to a variety patient material and also to a significant level of technology such as imaging, ultrasounds and platform based methods, research based skills for patient care and making you better understand the health and disease conditions. We always try to ensure quality of education for the students to face the twenty-first century’s challenges in the country’s health sector through production of skilled physicians.

Our aim is to provide quality focused training that meets the changing demands of modern health care practice with strict adherence to established patient care protocols, ethics and patient safety. Knowledge, skills and attitude are blended with such values. Our motto-“Pillar success” is our driving force at MARKS MEDICAL COLLEGE. The foundation has to be made strong in studies and behavioral habits with excellence in work culture. MARKs MEDICAL COLLEGE is known for excellence in medical education, research and patient care. Life is full of challenges and changes; I hope that, students of MARKS MEDICAL COLLEGE will be able to embrace and adapt themselves with such changes with humility as well as courage as they will grow in life.

Lastly, I again assure you that we are committed to your comfort and wellbeing.

Md. Tarique Masud Khan

Chief Executive Officer



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